On the Friday of Convention two of my roommates and I decided to take the tour offered of the Stampin’ Up! Office located in Riverton, Utah.  What a beautiful building with such a scenic backdrop!!  I took this picture to remind myself of the beautiful mountains located all around here.  Although it was 90 degrees on the day we took this tour, you could still see snow on top of the mountains!

This next picture was taken inside the Legacy Museum at the Riverton building.  This is an awesome place to visit with tons of history about Stampin’ Up!  It was fascinating to read all of the facts about how Stampin’ Up! started.  They even had the first ever Stampin’ Up! catalog there.  Of course I would have loved to peek in it, but it was behind glass.  This picture is just one of the many beautiful displays of artwork in the Legacy Museum.

I will leave you with this final image of me standing by the Stampin’ Up! rock that marks the entrance to the Riverton building.  I am so happy that I decided to take this tour, even though by this point in the trip I could have used a nap!  It was well worth it.