Convention this year was A-mazing!  I had such a great time and learned something from each of the classes that I attended this year.

The first breakout class that I took was called “I Am Open for Business” with Carrie Cudney.  I learned a lot in this class about getting new customers and reaching outside of my comfort zone.  I am actually going to start incorporating videos into my blog!  Yikes!!  I am a little nervous about this, but I am hoping that it will be well received.  If there is a technique that you want to see a video demonstration on please leave me a comment!

I also took a class called “I Am Reaching Out” with Emily Montoya.  It was great to see my dear friend Lyssa featured up on the jumbotron giving her advice about blogging!

Here I am with the talented and funny Shannon West!  I took her class “I Am Having Fun” and it was a blast!  I even learned some new dance moves.  She talked about making sure events are fun and exciting.  She shared a bunch of great quotes and I have to just share this one with you: “A smile is like tight underwear…it makes your cheeks go up”!

I also took the class “I Am Earning An Incentive Trip” with Karen Hauley, Jill Hilliard, Meg Holland, and Cynthia Millan.  This was  great motivating class for me!  I am now setting my goals to earn an inventive trip!  There were some great tips in the class that can be applied to many aspects of goal achievement.  One of them that I loved was breaking your goal into smaller pieces to make it more attainable.

Check out these adorable cozies for your mug!  Laura Milligan demonstrated how she made these in the “I Am Savvy” class that I took with Donna Griffith.  They are made using the Dresden Big Shot Die!  I already have plans to make a bunch of these up for teacher gifts this year!

The last class I took was called “I Am Doing Business My Way” with Bonnie Thurber.  I learned SO much from the two presenters in this class that I had a entire notebook page filled with notes!  I am really looking forward to putting their tips to work.

Look at these great cards shared by Rhonda Wade during the class!  I loved all of the ideas that I learned in this class from some of the top demonstrators in Stampin’ Up!

Thanks for reading!

Be Creative, Kristin