I am loving the Fan Fair Digital Content CD!  The Content on this CD is just amazing, not to mention you get a 26-page 12×12 photobook designer template with it!  Aren’t these pictures sweet?!  These are of my boys & my Mom (aka Nana).  The expressions on their faces in the top picture just says it all!  I  created this page with a layout in mind & added the pictures afterwards.

A friend of mine was talking about “backwards” scrapping recently.  I have to admit I “backwards” scrap more often than not.  I will occasionally have a picture or two in mind that I want to use in my scrapbook page, but more often I find myself designing a page and then fitting the pictures to that page.  Or, I will try to design a page for a particular occasion and end up putting entirely different picture in the finished page.  I wonder what this means about me and my creativity process.  I know that it is easier for me to just design and let the products work together.   So how do you scrapbook?  Do you plan around your pictures or design the page first & add pictures later?  I am interested…leave me a comment and let me know.  🙂

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Be Creative, Kristin