I love capturing those unexpected moments.  The moments in time that are unplanned and unscripted.  I truly believe that those moments can be some of the most memorable.  It was a beautiful day here yesterday and I sent my boys outside to play while I cleaned the house a little bit.  When I went out to see what they were doing I found them covered in chalk & water!  It was one of those moments where I as a Mom could have easily freaked out, especially being the clean/neat freak that I am.  🙂  Instead, I saw the joy on their faces and how much fun they were having!  I knew that the chalk could be washed off, both the sidewalk and the boys, and that the memories of this would last longer.

Of course I took a few pictures and scrapped them in My Digital Studio so they can remember what their artwork looked like.  Most of this page was made using the Fan Fair Digital CD.  I love the multi-colored background paper and how it ties in so nicely with all of the chalk colors.  It is supposed to rain later today and the chalk will wash away, but I know they had a great time making their artwork.  The feet and hands are yet to come clean!

Be creative, Kristin