Last night after watching the tragedy in Boston unfold I was reminded that people are good.  I had just spent hours watching and listening to the coverage about the terror in Boston.  At this point I had taken to cleaning the oven just to take my mind off of everything when the doorbell rang.

My husband answered the door and I heard a little boy ask for my oldest son, Tyler who is 7-years-old.  I recognized the boy as a classmate of Tyler’s.  The boy’s mother was with him and stated that her son had made a special gift for Tyler and that he insisted on walking over to our house to give it to him right away.

The boy proceeded to hand Tyler a rather large package and asked him to open it.  Tyler opened the package to find a little lego ship.  The boy, obviously proud of his ship, was so excited to see Tyler open it.  Tyler replied “thanks this is cool” and the boy and his mother walked home.

As soon as he left, Tyler said we need to make him a card!  I agreed and he picked out a stamp set and got to work.  Here is Tyler with the card he created for his classmate.  He drew pictures inside as well.

Tyler'scardThat little boy brought a huge smile to Tyler’s face and I can only hope that he enjoys the thought behind the card that Tyler created for him.  Cards can change a person’s day.  I love receiving cards in the mail, but even more I love sending them because I know how it feels to open up a handmade card!  This is why I am so passionate about what I do…the opportunity to make someone’s day brighter with a handmade card and to be creative!

Please pray for the people of Boston and the individuals that were hurt.  We were once again reminded yesterday of how fragile life is.  Hug your babies, tell your family and friends you love them, and send out a few cards!  It’s amazing how a simple act of kindness, like sending a card, can affect the giver and the receiver.

Be Creative, Kristin