Did you know that Post-It notes can be a great tool for stamping?!  I know they are great for taking little notes and marking pages, but I have a stack of them sitting on my stamping table at all times!  Today’s technique demonstrates how to use these handy Post-It’s to create a layered image that adds depth to your cards and projects.  

maskingfinalThe first step is to find a stamp set that will work with this look.  I decided to use my new favorite set, Flower Patch.  Choose several colors that will go well together.  I grabbed 5 different colors from the subtle family to use on my card.  I will post my supplies list below. 

Always start by stamping the image that you want to appear in the foreground of the card (on the top of the other images).  In this case I used the largest flower image from this stamp set.  

masking1After stamping your first image, ink it up and stamp it again on a Post-It note.  Make sure to get part of the image on the sticky part of the Post-It.  Then cut this image out as close to the edge as you can get.  This becomes your mask.  I created a second mask for the pink flower on this card as well.  

masking2Using your mask to cover up your main image, stamp the images that will appear behind it. You can remove your mask and continue using it several times.  Once you are satisfied, remove and admire your work!  

masking3It really is that easy!!  With a few basic supplies you can be making beautiful layered cards like this! I hope you take a second look at those Post-It notes sitting on your desk and give this technique a try today!  

Be Creative, Kristin

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